14 de fev. de 2017

Roseta de Vilaflor : ancestral da n/Renda Tenerife

Museu Iberoamericano de Artesania (Iberoamerican Handcraft t Museum) in La Orotava, Tenerife, has a special room for Rosetas de Vilaflor (Vilaflor Rosettes) an old craft which was born in Tenerife Island and then extended to other places. The opening of this room is part of the objective of proposing that it be declared a Cultural Interest (BIC). It is a new proposal to make known the history of the Island's Rosette, that played a prominent role in the family economy of Tenerife in the late nineteenth century. This new room is then proposed to meet the requirements of the current museology, while providing a human and communicative component that encourages the participation and conservation of the heritage by future visitors.

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